Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There are things I've done in the past that I'm not proud of.

There are choices I have made that I know I should not have made.
This doesn't mean that I regret them.
I own up to the fact that I made these choices knowing the possible consequences, knowing the definite consequences, knowing that I could have just as easily walked away. 
Let's be honest; when the time came for me to walk away, I didn't want to.
Can I really look back and call that a regret?
Honestly, if I could go back, I probably wouldn't change a thing.

I'm not proud of the choices I made but in a sense I'm glad I made them.
Despite the consequences, learning to cope with them has built up a new part of me that I never knew I had.

So, before you say you have a lot of regrets, think back and look at the situation from a different perspective; remember how you really felt at that moment when the time came to go forth or walk away.