Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Happy Thanksgiving with a happy ending?

Thanksgiving day with my family.
Well... some of it. My parents and my oldest brother are in Hawaii. My older brother and I went to our relative's house to join their thansgiving dinner party. It was a lot of fun and it felt good to see my extended  family again. People I haven't seen in a long time. I met my new baby cousin, four days old, Lyla Marie. So beautiful and so precious. I finally got the chance to spend time with my not-so-new baby cousin who is soon to be a year old. She took a liking to me so quickly. It was fun.

Though, I did almost cry a couple times while I was eating. Why?
Every time I ate a bite of stuffing I would think "hmmm, it's missing something" because my daddy makes the best stuffing I've ever had and eating stuffing made by my aunt on Thanksgiving day only reminded me  how much I missed him.

Not only that, a few people tried to talk to me about my parents or ask me if I know what they are up to for Thanksgiving. Of course I knew the answers, of course I let them know. I could hardly speak much though. I always gave short, to the point answers.

Once I almost had to leave and go to the restroom. Thankfully I downed a whole glass of water instead, which caused me to hold my breath, which caused my tear ducts to stop.

I wonder if anyone noticed.
I don't think anyone did.
Everyone was so immersed in their own separate conversations.
I just sat amidst it all...eating. Slowly eating.

Then pie came. There were five different kinds of pie and not one of them was custard.
Custard, the pie I always bake every year.
Custard, the pie that was my paternal grandfather's favorite.
Custard, my favorite.

There were five pies because my aunts wanted to buy everyone's favorite.
She forgot my favorite.
So we talked about getting a custard for the party the next day, and someone else wanted lemon custard.


What the heck kind of a pie is that?!

Anyways, there was no custard pie. =(

I really missed my family this weekend.



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