Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nana's legacy.

The best thing that happened this weekend is that my aunt gave me a box filled to the brim with my Nana's jewelry. I was so happy. When my grandmother first died, my aunt becky told me that I could choose whichever jewelry I wanted and that her granddaughter would get the rest. At the time, I was really young and a tomboy. Jewelry wasn't really my thing and I didn't exactly value things at the same level as I do now. When I came to the house on the Friday after Thanksgiving, this box was a lovely surprise. This time, her granddaughter was able to pick what she liked (which was about two pieces) and I got the rest. Several pieces are broken and need to be restored, but that is not a problem for me since I happen to have the necessary tools for repairing and enhancing jewelry.

I also told my younger cousin that when I'm wearing something she really likes, she can have it. Also that I would pass down a lot of the collection to her. I need to keep some for my daughter too. So that's the best thing about this weekend.

Oh! I also have an awesome black friday story but that, my dears, can wait until later.
This post was for Nana.
Nana's legacy... her jewelry is the key to many memories I have of her. Her style was definitely funky but the amazing thing is that a lot of it is in style today. Even if it was not, I would still wear them. I will  wear them so that I'll have a story to tell. I will wear them so that I'll be reminded that I'll see her again some day. I will wear them so that Nana's legacy can live on.

All my love Nana,



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