Monday, December 5, 2011

Quote, unquote.

"Too much of the good life ends up being toxic, deforming us spiritually."
- David Goetz

     Many times I have found this to be so true. In his book Crazy Love, Francis Chan points out that a lot of things in this world are good by themselves. However, when we take it all in at once, we get so distracted or consumed that it keeps us from living fruitful lives for God. Reading this book is really starting to open my eyes. In fact, based on this little passage alone there are so many examples and insights that spring to life in my mind. Especially in today's world full of technology, which will only increase as time ticks on, it is so easy to get consumed into all these things that are "good." Let's start minimal. Cell phones: good for communication when you're out and about. In fact many household no longer have land lines as all or most members of the family have cellulars. Computers: today we can use the to read the news, watch movies, write blogs, do homework, keep in contact with each other, etc. Television: it keeps you entertained. Radio: It feeds you music or talk radio shows.  Oh and by the way you can access the news through all of theses medias. These are all good things right? They have advanced our society to higher efficiency levels and in the process, I think, lower standards. So many things that are indeed good, can turn out to be bad for our relationship with God. Even things as simple as reading a book, eating food, or writing poems. If we don't make time for God, we can easily get lost in all the good around us and in the end it will all come crashing down into a whole mess of bad. 

     From another point of view. This statement could also point out that many times, something so horribly wrong in our lives (or just something bad) has to happen before we can realize how blessed we are. If it takes a punishment to acknowledge a blessing then something is definitely wrong with our relationship with God. We should praise Him throughout the good and continue to praise Him throughout the bad. Our relationship with God is not meant to be "You give, I give. You take, I take." Also the bible does say that if we ask then we shall receive but that also doesn't mean the God is our maid. He does not bend to our every will, wish, or want. No. It is we who are blessed with what we need and so much more. When God blesses us I do believe that we are meant to pursue Him even more because He blessed us. It is not that we are praising him so we can receive. When we live like this, is when we are submitting to the relationship of "I only come to you when I want something." Often times we do this in our lives and sometimes it becomes a habit that we don't even realize it. In this sense, when our relationship with God has boiled down to this, that is when we are truly, spiritually deformed. It is sad, yes. Although the happy ending in this is that God has the power to make us whole again and if we pursue Him because He blesses us then we can be on the path to true fulfillment and life in light of Jesus Christ. 


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