Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness!

Stephen Wilson Bethel is my new celebrity crush.
Mmm mmm mmm he is just so dreamy! He's got like that perfect boy-band look turned into a man and just the perfect amount of body hair. Oh dear, a pretty boy like him can just make it so easy for me to let my imagination run wild. Ooh and I just love his accent in that new show on CW, Hart of Dixie. My oh my, can he please ask me out on a date? I mean, I know we're like 7 or 8 years apart but does age really matter? I hope his career blossoms from soap operas to movies so I can easily follow his career  ^-^ now, now.... let's not get obsessed.

Oooh, he is just so fine! >_<


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